Israeli Salad


Israeli Salad is a Middle Eastern recipe with a blend of finely chopped vegetables, lemon olive oil dressing with freshly chopped parsley.


  1. Posted by dizzydozer08, — Reply

    Hope this is as wonderful as the beautiful people of Israel. I will try this

  2. Posted by skammerzell, — Reply

    Who cares where it came from,it’s good and it’s a salad! Get a life !!!!! Stop being so critical ! And you wonder why our world is the way it is——- criticizing a salad-really!

  3. Posted by nissrene, — Reply

    This definitely isn’t an Israeli salad otherwise I’d claim matzo ball soup a Palestinian soup! So for the record, falafel, hummus and the salad above are traditionally Arabic dishes... on a side note, add thinly sliced green onions in place of red onions.. lemon juic, olive oil and salt for dressing.. yum!

  4. Posted by mahasenmohamad, — Reply

    First y’all steal our land & then our food? LEAVVEEE!!!!!

  5. Posted by judyhey123, — Reply

    Doesn’t matter where it came from or who named it. It’s a yummy SALAD!!!!!!!!

  6. Posted by cassandralavender1, — Reply

    It's The Creators Salad. He made the food. When I buy it and make it its my salad and I call it Israeli Salad. 😋

  7. Posted by zoecardoo1, — Reply

    So if I was to make a bowl of this how long would it survive in the fridge? Few days or it one of them that you need to eat on the day? Thanks

  8. Posted by skysnow_7, — Reply

    This is a definitely a Moroccan/Arab salad

  9. Posted by egriggin, — Reply

    Basically, it’s a chopped vege salad. I “mex” mine up by adding black beans, corn and avocado. Adding shrimp and couscous is another version. Use this basic recipe as your base and make it anything you want.

  10. Posted by elinweiss7, — Reply

    Most Israelis are of European origin . They adopt some of the local cuisine and Called it their own

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